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Spending time on the water is the picture of relaxation for most people—especially yacht owners. Unfortunately, accidents can happen on a yacht just like anywhere else. When damage occurs on the water, an insurance claim could help you pick up the pieces. 

The cost of dealing with yacht or marine claims can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, if your insurance company acts in bad faith, you could face the risk of paying for these losses on your own. This is the case despite years of paying your premiums on time. 

Insurance companies have adjusters that will evaluate your loss, determine what your claim is worth, and make you a settlement offer. However, their end goal is to save the insurance company as much money as possible. 

To even the odds, you have the right to hire an adjuster of your own. A Parkland public yacht and marine claims adjuster could strengthen your case by establishing what your claim is truly worth. 

A public adjuster from On Target Claims can do more than just look over your loss and determine your damages. Our Parkland public yacht and marine claims adjusters can work with the insurance company to help you get everything you deserve. 

Your yacht claim is important, and you deserve an ally that will aggressively fight for fair compensation. On Target Claims has the experience and skills needed to help you maximize your financial recovery. If you are ready to get started, now is the right time to reach out. Call On Target Claims as soon as possible for your free consultation. 

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  • What Dose a Public Adjuster for a Marine Claim Do?

    There a lot of benefits that come with hiring a public adjuster for your yacht or marine claim. An adjuster can evaluate your loss to determine what your claim is worth. They can also assist with paperwork and even negotiate with the insurance company.

  • How Much Will My Insurance Go Up If I Make a Marine Claim in Parkland?

    Your insurance could go up by anywhere between 9 and 20 percent following a marine or yacht claim. The size of this increase largely depends on your history of prior insurance claims. 

  • How Long Will it Take to Get Paid From My Insurance Company?

    The law requires insurance companies to make a decision on your yacht or marine claim within 90 days of filing it. However, it could take longer to get paid if the claim is initially denied.

  • How Much Does a Public Yacht or Marine Claims Adjuster Cost?

    You will typically pay a percentage of your recovery to your claims adjuster as their fee. However, the amount they can charge is limited by state law. In general, adjusters cannot keep more than 20 percent of your compensation. That number is lowered to 10 percent when a state of emergency is declared.

  • How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid in Parkland, FL?

    Public claims adjusters have the ability to set their own fees. While a few work by the hour or charge a lump sum amount, most public claims adjusters operate on a contingency fee basis.