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Fire losses can be incredibly devastating to homes and businesses. There’s also a need to move quickly to make important decisions, but it’s hard to do that when your thinking is clouded with grief and you’re going through an unfamiliar process. Do you contact your insurer right away? Do you call a fire restoration company? What about smoke damage to other areas of the home or business, or to your assets?

This is where public adjusters for fire insurance claims in Florida can help. At On Target Claims, we work for you, not the insurance company and not the fire restoration company. That means we have your best interests in mind. We’re able to provide guidance when it comes to contracts, insurance claims, dealing with the insurance company, and so much more.

Fire damage is complex. There’s the physical damage from the flames themselves, but it goes so much deeper. For instance, heat alone can cause immense damage to the structure, appliances within it, and other assets.

Smoke damage also plays a major role here and can affect parts of the home or business far from the source of the fire itself. Smoke exposure can also ruin possessions, shorten the lifespan of electronic devices otherwise not touched by the fire, and cause many other problems. Identifying these issues and then negotiating with the insurance company is often beyond what any homeowner or business owner can do.

Then there are other things to consider. Is the insurance company making a fair settlement offer? How do you know? What if they deny your claim?

However, you’re not at the mercy of your insurer, nor do you have to go it alone with the fire restoration company. We’ll work directly with you to help negotiate the best possible settlement and then begin the process of rebuilding your home or business.

We have decades of collective experience representing clients in Florida, as well as throughout the rest of southeast Florida. We’re also committed to building relationships built on trust and transparency – you’ll always know where you stand in the process and we’re upfront about everything involved.

Contact us today to schedule your free claim review with one of our experienced public adjusters. Moving forward after a fire is never easy, but we can provide the guidance you need to make informed, accurate decisions.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a fire claim?

    The typical fee for a fire claim in Florida is 20%, however, if the fire is a result of a declared state of emergency, the fee is 10%.

  • How much will my insurance go up if I make a fire claim?

    Insurance rates are based on a variety of factors including but not limited to your claim history. If you have a covered loss that is going to cause you to incur significant out of pocket expenses than you should have your claim evaluated by one of our adjusters.

  • How long will it take to get paid from my insurance company?

    In Florida, insurance carriers have 90 days to make a coverage determination.

  • How do public adjusters get paid in Florida?

    A Public Adjuster charges a percentage of the settlement you receive to compensate them for their services. They will not be paid until you are. Percentages vary, with the maximum that can be charged in Florida being 20%.