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Boat owners in Fort Lauderdale enjoy spending time on the water. While these activities are typically relaxing, things can still go wrong. Boat accidents or mechanical failures can quickly turn a fun afternoon on the water to a difficult and costly excursion. 

If your yacht or vessel suffered damage or was destroyed, your insurance should cover the losses in most cases. While your insurance policy is intended to provide you with peace of mind, it is important to remember that profit is ultimately our insurer’s main concern. 

The insurance company is motivated by profit, and their adjusters are trained to limit the company’s liability whenever possible. This often means refusing the accept yacht or marine claims. It can also involve making inadequate settlement offers that do not cover the full amount of your damages. 

The good news is that On Target Claims is here to help. We understand that yacht and marine claims can be complicated, especially when the loss occurred on the water. We know how to investigate these claims to determine what happened and ensure your insurer treats you fairly. 

Our team of professionals understands what it takes to maximize an insurance claim. We are experienced with yacht accidents and marine claims, whether it is a capsized vessel or a fire onboard. We can use this experience to help you secure the outcome you deserve. 

Insurance companies understand that we work for you, not them. They also know that their aggressive tactics will not work when we are on the case. We know what a claim is worth, and we will help you secure what you deserve. Our adjusters are ready to help every step of the way, from determining what your claim is worth to negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. 

If you are ready to move forward with your yacht or marine claim, we are here to help. We are also prepared to answer any questions you might have about the process. To get started, reach out to On Target Claims right away to discuss your Fort Lauderdale yacht & marine claims.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a marine claim in Fort Lauderdale?

    Each public adjuster approaches their fee structure in their own way. Some options in Fort Lauderdale include flat fees, hourly rates, and contingency fees.

  • How much will my insurance go up if I make a marine claim in Fort Lauderdale?

    Your insurance rates in Fort Lauderdale could go up whether you file a claim or not. A history of previous claims could cause a larger increase, however.

  • How long will it take to get paid from my insurance company in Fort Lauderdale?

    While it can take a while for the insurance company to pay out your claim, Florida state law requires that they accept or reject it within 90 days. Disputes claims can take longer, however.

  • How do public adjusters get paid in Fort Lauderdale?

    Most adjusters in Fort Lauderdale are paid on a contingency basis. This means they keep a portion of your settlement as their fee. This fee is limited to 20 percent in most situations, and 10 percent during declared states of emergency.