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Yacht Insurance Claims
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From commercial fishing boats to personal luxury yachts, all types of marine vessels can be damaged by various forces. If your boat or marine equipment has been damaged by fire, inclement weather, vandalism, or anything else, it’s important to communicate with your insurer as soon as possible. Of course, you want to be compensated for your losses.

And if you’re in this situation, then it’s important that you understand how to successfully negotiate with your insurance company’s claims adjusters. You should know that private adjusters serve the insurance companies they work for, not the insured. Their job is to scrutinize each claim, looking for unclear evidence, inaccurate reporting, or any loopholes they can utilize to minimize the value of the settlement they offer, or deny the claim completely.

And that is precisely why it’s so exciting that you have a group of caring friends in the insurance industry! The team of professionals here at On Target Claims is always available to help you with knowledgeable and intense representation throughout the entire insurance claims process. Will handle every small detail of your case for you, utilizing our extensive expertise, so that you can concentrate on living your life.

Reasons to File a Yacht or Marine Insurance Claim

The public insurance claims adjusters at On Target Claims are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Davie, Florida, and surrounding communities in the Sunshine State. Through our many years of service, we have secured multiple millions of dollars in insurance settlement payouts for our highly valued clientele.

Allow us the privilege of working on your case and ensuring that you receive the largest possible settlement that you’re entitled to. You’ll enjoy various benefits of letting us handle your claim if your marine vessel or equipment has been damaged or ruined because of:

  • High seas
  • Lightning
  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Fire

We are a proud team of American veterans, and we’re always ready to battle it out with your insurance company to help you receive a legitimate, fair settlement offer. We’ll work diligently to ensure that you receive compensation for everything you’re entitled to according to the details of your policy and the nuances of Florida law.

Call our helpful and supportive team today to schedule a free initial consultation. Will review your case with you, and offer accurate advice about your best options moving forward.

What Are the Advantages of Working with On Target Claims?

When you report yacht or other marine vessel damage to your insurance company, they’ll send out a private claims adjuster to analyze your situation. That adjuster will use standard procedures to evaluate the amount of compensation that you’re entitled to. However, be aware that insurance company private claims adjusters are in the business of saving the company money. We level the playing field for you with our proven proficiency.

With many decades of combined expertise, our team of public claims adjusters has deep knowledge of the insurance industry. When we represent you, you’ll know that we will negotiate intensely with the insurance company adjusters to maximize the amount of settlement compensation you receive. Call us anytime, 24/7/365. We are always available to discuss your situation with you, and help you however we can.

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  • Why should I hire a Davie, FL yacht & marine insurance claim public adjuster instead of working with my insurance company directly?

    If you do that, you risk receiving a lowball settlement offer that barely covers the primary damages to your yacht or other marine vessel.

  • What is the difference between a yacht & marine insurance claim public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster in Davie?

    Insurance company adjusters work for the insurance company. Public claims adjusters work for you.

  • How much does it cost to work with On Target Claims in Davie, Florida?

    Our team of insurance claims professionals work on contingencies. Our standard fees range between 15% and 20%.

  • How do I get started with hiring a Davie yacht & marine insurance claim public insurance adjuster?

    It’s fast and easy. Just call (954) 362-9744, any time at all. We’re constantly available to assist with superior services!