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Life in Davie, Florida is most often beautiful and highly enjoyable. However, sometimes Floridians experience tornadic winds, severe thunderstorms, flooding, and other adverse weather-based phenomena associated with hurricanes. These natural forces can devastate your home or business, leaving you in an emergency situation where you have to manage your emotions while also taking care of business.

If you need to file a hurricane or wind damage insurance claim, it’s important to be meticulous, and to be prepared to negotiate with your insurance company if they make you a lowball settlement offer. It’s important that you understand that large insurance company claims adjusters are responsible for minimizing what the company spends on settling claims. The less they pay out, the higher their profit margins are. That’s why you need the help of the experienced team of public insurance adjusters at On Target Claims. We’ll work hard to ensure you get the largest settlement possible.

Hurricane Insurance Claims Adjusters in Davie

If your home or business is damaged by high winds and other hurricane forces, you should contact our team of motivated public insurance claims adjusters right away. The sooner you get us involved, the more likely you’ll be to receive the largest settlement possible as allowed by Florida law. We’re a team of disabled vets, and we’re dedicated to fighting fervently to ensure that you’re treated fairly by your insurance company. We’ll use our expertise to litigate your claim with your insurer, and we’ll take care of every small detail so that you can concentrate on other things.

Professional Insurance Claims Adjusters Working for You

After a hurricane or other inclement weather that damages your property, you’ll have to contact your insurance agent. The company will send a private adjuster to analyze your circumstances. That person’s job is to find any loopholes, unclear evidence, or other ways to minimize the amount of settlement that you’re offered. Right now, it’s important that you level the playing field by having your own dedicated public claims adjuster on your side. Call us today and allow us to represent you, and ensure that you get every dollar that’s owed to you according to your policy and the law.

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  • Does homeowners insurance in Davie cover hurricane and high-wind damage?

    Most homeowner insurance policies do cover this type of damage. However, there’s a stipulation. The wind must have originated from an unnamed storm. If the storm is named, you’ll probably still be covered, but your deductible will likely be considerably higher.

  • How long do I have to file an insurance claim after a high-wind scenario damages my property?

    In and around Davie, Florida, you’ll have up to 36 months from the date of the storm event to file your claim. However, it’s intelligent to do it as quickly as possible so that the evidence is clear to observe.

  • What's the easiest way to file a hurricane or high-wind insurance claim in Davie, FL?

    You can call your insurance agent directly, or your insurance company might offer an online form. The best thing to do is to simply call us here at On Target Claims. We’ll jump in and represent you fervently throughout the entire process.

  • What's the best way to get in touch with On Target Claims today?

    It couldn’t be easier! Call us anytime you please, at (954) 362-9744. We’re available to help you 24 hours a day, every day of the year, even at 3:00 AM on Sunday morning.