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Water & Mold Damage Claims
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Few forces are as devastating to your home or business as flooding water in Delray Beach, Florida. And while water intrusion is always detrimental to your structures, the mold and mildew that can be left behind is equally destructive. The realm of water, mold, and mildew remediation is an intricate one, and filing an insurance claim for compensation can be a complex and frustrating process. If you’re carpeting, subflooring, and/or drywall have been affected by water damage, call the experts at On Target Claims to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your losses.

Dangers of Mold Exposure

Hot, humid conditions in Delray Beach create accommodating environments for mold growth. Especially if you have recently sustained water damage, mold can propagate just about anywhere that’s relatively warm and damp. And once it’s established, it can be very challenging to effectively remediate.

Besides structural damage, mold often also causes health maladies like:

·        Fatigue

·        Headache

·        Runny nose

·        Watery eyes

·        Difficulty breathing

·        Coughing & wheezing

·        Aggravation of asthma & other respiratory conditions

The professional public insurance claims adjusters at On Target Claims work with our friends and neighbors throughout southeast Florida, helping them to receive fair compensation, so that they can properly restore their homes and businesses in the aftermath of water damage and mold growth.

On Target Claims Works for YOU

When you file a water damage claim with your insurer, you really shouldn’t be surprised that the settlement offered isn’t even enough to cover the damages that your home or business has incurred, let alone the expenses associated with effective mold remediation. That’s because the claims adjuster that your insurance company sends to assess your damages is responsible for protecting the insurance company’s bottom line. Not yours.

That’s why it’s imperative that you call our helpful, knowledgeable team, as soon as possible if your home or business sustains water damage. Our public insurance claim adjusters work for you, not some rich insurance company. Our experienced adjusters are experts at assessing water and mold damage claims in Florida, and then fighting to ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation legally permitted in the Sunshine State.

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  • How do public insurance claim adjusters get paid in Delray Beach, Florida?

    The public insurance claim adjusters at On Target Claims work on a contingency fee basis. We don’t get paid until our clients do!

  • Will my insurance premiums increase if I make a water/mold claim?

    That will depend on your insurance company and the specifics of your homeowners insurance policy. Ask your insurer to be sure.

  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a water damage or mold claim?

    In Florida, public insurance claim adjusters are permitted to charge as much as 20% on a contingency fee basis. That means that the adjuster doesn’t get paid if the client doesn’t.

  • How soon should I call On Target Claims after I discover water or mold damage?

    Keep our contact information close at hand, because you never know when an emergency situation will strike. We’re available for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Call us as soon as possible!