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Fort Lauderdale is well known for its natural beauty, and it is no surprise that the population here continues to grow. It should also come as no surprise that this population growth has also led to more residential insurance claims. These insurance policies exist to provide you with peace of mind and protect you when things go wrong. When the unthinkable happens and your home is damaged, your insurance policy should provide you with the financial means to repair and rebuild. 

The unfortunate reality is that this process does not always go so smoothly. Insurance companies care about profit, and your residential claim only hurts their bottom line. That means if they can find a reason to reject it, they likely will. You deserve an advocate that can help you deal with the claims process. When you hire an independent adjuster, you can push back against the lowball offers and unrealistic decisions that insurance companies often make. 

At On Target Claims, we are proud to help homeowners get what they deserve from their insurance policies. You have paid your premiums for years, and it is time for the insurance company to hold up their end of the bargain. When you file a residential claim with your insurance company, the carrier will send one of their adjusters to survey the damage. This person is not on your side, and their primary goal is to save the company money. The benefit of hiring a public claims adjuster is that we can review your damage and make a fair assessment of your claim. 

Our approach to residential insurance claims keeps the insurance companies accountable. They understand that you have professionals on your side, which often convinces them to treat you fairly and act in good faith. We are here for you, not for them. 

We are proud of our work on behalf of the homeowners of Fort Lauderdale, and we believe our track record of success speaks for itself. If you have questions about how a Fort Lauderdale residential claims adjuster could help, we have the answers. Whether you are dealing with fires, floods, or anything in between, reach out to On Target Claims today to discuss your options.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a residential claim in fort lauderdale?

    There are different approaches to billing that a public adjuster could take, including flat fees and hourly rates. The most common free structure in Fort Lauderdale involves a contingency fee between 5 and 15 percent.

  • How much will my insurance go up if i make a residential claim in fort lauderdale?

    It is possible for your insurance rates to increase if you file a residential claim in Fort Lauderdale. The size of this increase will depend on your claims history and the significance of the claim. This increase could be anywhere between 9 and 20 percent.

  • What is a residential public insurance adjuster, and how can they help me with my insurance claim?

    A residential public insurance adjuster is a licensed professional who works on behalf of policyholders to assess and negotiate insurance claims. They can help you navigate the claims process, ensure that you receive the maximum payout from your policy, and advocate for your interests with your insurance company.

  • What types of damages can a residential public insurance adjuster help me claim for?

    A residential public insurance adjuster can help you claim for a wide variety of damages, including but not limited to fire damage, water damage, storm damage, mold damage, and theft or vandalism. They can also assist with claims related to personal property damage or loss.

  • Why should i hire a fort lauderdale-based residential public insurance adjuster instead of working directly with my insurance company?

    Hiring a Fort Lauderdale-based residential public insurance adjuster can offer several advantages, including local knowledge of insurance regulations and procedures, experience working with local insurance companies, and a focus on advocating for your interests as a policyholder. Additionally, having a dedicated advocate on your side can help ensure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement for your claim.