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Most of the year, living in Florida is a beautiful experience. But sometimes, bad weather, like severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and flooding, can turn your lovely life into a bad dream. And that’s why, as a Davie, Florida homeowner, it’s crucial that you always pay your home and property insurance premiums promptly. As long as you do, and your policy covers inclement weather conditions, you know that you’re covered in the case of a natural weather-based emergency. 

And when you pay your insurance payments on time, every month, you should be able to expect professional, hassle-free service from your insurance company anytime you have to file a claim. 

Unfortunately, many times, insurance company adjusters will make you a lowball offer on your settlement after they evaluate the damages that you’ve reported. And in some cases, an adjuster might completely deny your claim, offering you nothing at all to make up for the losses you’ve incurred. If you’re in that situation, it’s good to know about the certified public insurance adjusters at On Target Claims. We’re a team of disabled veterans, and we’ll fight to ensure that you receive a fair settlement from your insurer.

Residential Insurance Claims Adjusters in Davie

Many Davie, Florida homeowners never think about the fact that their insurance companies have ruthless, but intelligent private claims adjusters on staff. Those adjusters work with the sole purpose of minimizing what the insurance company pays out in settlements for claims filed. They’re shrewd individuals, and their paychecks depend on them doing their work efficiently. Over time, they begin enjoying using even the tiniest loophole to deny a claim. They get paid for that!

And that’s why it’s such a smart decision to collaborate with your own public insurance claim adjusters, like the professional team here at On Target Claims. We’ll scrutinize every letter of your insurance policy to understand the full amount of coverage you’re entitled to, and then we will fight diligently to make sure you get the largest settlement offer possible. You see, we believe that you deserve to be paid fairly for the devaluing of your home and property.

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Our knowledgeable team of residential insurance claims adjusters is proud to serve Davie, Florida homeowners. Allow us the opportunity to ensure that your insurance company adjusters stay accountable throughout your entire weather-based claims process. We will tirelessly fight for you, making sure that your insurer’s private adjusters offer you a fair settlement amount for your claim. We have a thorough understanding of Florida’s laws and regulations pertaining to these situations, and we guarantee you meticulous, fervent service. Call us now. We are available 24/7/365.

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  • What occurs after I file a residential insurance claim in Davie, Florida?

    After you file, your insurer will typically acknowledge receiving your claim within about two weeks. After that, within the first month, you’ll receive an initial valuation of your damages.

  • How will On Target Claims help me?

    We’ll utilize our ceaseless enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the insurance industry to litigate your case with your insurance company.

  • All processes considered; how long will my insurance claim take to fully settle?

    Most residential insurance claims in Davie, Florida, are settled within about 3 months.

  • Will my homeowner's insurance premiums increase after I file a claim?

    In Davie and surrounding communities, you can expect a premium increase of about 15% after filing any sizable claim.