in West Palm Beach, FL

On Target Claims is proud to serve the West Palm Beach community. Our team of adjusters is ready to work on your behalf to meet your insurance needs. Our goal is to get you the money you deserve, not help line the insurance company’s pockets. No matter the nature of your loss, you deserve someone on your side. Let us assist with every aspect of your claim, from filing it to negotiating with the insurance company.

There is no question that residential insurance claims can be frustrating. Dealing with the hassle and emotional strain of having your home damaged is difficult enough on its own. These challenges are only made worse when you must also deal with the insurance company at the same time. 

On Target Claims is ready to take that stress off of your shoulders. Our public claims adjusters could handle your claim on your behalf by establishing how much damage your property sustained, assist with filling out insurance forms, and making certain the insurer pays what your claim is worth.

Running your own business can be rewarding. However, it can also be stressful—especially when disaster strikes. When your commercial property has sustained damage, you could benefit from an ally that will help you navigate the insurance process. 

If you have a commercial insurance claim West Palm Beach, our team is ready to help. A public claims adjuster from On Target Claims could serve as your advocate while helping your business protect its interests.

Suffering major damage from a fire can be a traumatic experience. This experience is only made worse when you are overwhelmed with paperwork from your insurance company. A public claims adjuster could deal with your insurance claim while you focus on dealing with returning to a sense of normalcy after a fire. 

When you let On Target Claims handle your fire claim, you can count on our team pursuing a favorable outcome on you behalf. Let our team provide the insurance company with the information it needs to respond to your claim.

Living near the ocean is a blessing that most people can only dream of. Of course, there are unique risks that come with living near the water as well. When the area is struck by hurricanes or strong storms, the damage to property can be significant. 

Securing a fair settlement from the insurance company can be difficult following a hurricane. From documenting the damage to your property to dealing with the insurance company, our team is here to help.

When you need help dealing with water damage or mold growth, our team of public claims adjusters is ready to assist. Succeeding on these insurance claims on your own can be difficult, as establishing the extent of your water damage can be difficult. 

What’s more, it can also be challenging to establish the cause of your water damage. On Target Claims understands how to make the case to your insurance company that you are entitled to benefits under your policy.

Our adjusters are prepared to assist with your yacht and marine insurance claims. This can include losses from boat collisions, damaged docks, or even incidents that occur when your vessel is in storage. 

We represent you during the insurance claims process. If you want an advocate that will fight for your yacht and marine claims, reach out to On Target Claims today.