On Target Claims offers public claims adjuster services in Parkland, Florida. Our public claims adjusters work quickly to secure the insurance reimbursement you deserve, to properly cover losses and damages covered by your policy. We put you and your needs first, not the insurance company’s. We provide loss documentation, paperwork submission, and prompt claim settlement negotiations. All types of residential and commercial insurance claims are handled by our company.

Homeowners in Parkland can rely on On Target Claims to get equitable insurance company payouts. Our public claims adjusters do not represent your insurance company; we represent you, the homeowner.

Whether you have a residential claim for your single-family home, townhome or condominium, we are here for you from start to finish. From validating your losses to filing the claim, to negotiating the amount, count on us to ensure you get fair treatment from your insurance company.

As a business owner in Parkland, you understand how much of a setback that damage or losses can be. Whether it’s a loss related to inventory, administrative offices, a warehouse, manufacturing facility or something else, your main priority is getting things back on schedule. Your insurance company doesn’t understand this, but On Target Claims does.

We offer public claims adjuster services to get your losses documented, claims filed and full and fair compensation on its way to you, pronto.

Fire and smoke damage to your home or business is devastating. It’s also devastating to learn that your insurance company is dragging their feet on your claim, maybe even not wanting to give you a fair settlement at all. To the rescue comes On Target Claims.

We represent insured individuals and business owners for fire and smoke damage claims, making sure all your losses are documented, getting claims filed quickly and accurately and—most importantly—getting you a fair insurance company payout.

Parkland is not immune to hurricanes and high winds. If your home or business has suffered damage or losses, contact On Target Claims. We have public claims adjusters ready to negotiate on your behalf with your Florida insurance company.

From getting a record of the damages to filling out tedious claim forms, to hopping on the phone with your insurance company, we know how to make sure your insurance gives you the compensation that you’re entitled to.

As public claims adjusters serving Parkland, On Target Claims knows that water & mold damage is some of the worst. What started out as a simple water leak can quickly turn into a health-threatening emergency. Yet, insurance companies don’t seem to understand the urgency. What you need is someone working on your side, not the insurance company’s side.

We represent your interests, working diligently to get you a quick insurance claim payout that is equitable based on your losses.

Whether you own a giant yacht or an impressive sailboat that is charmingly “yar,” your investment deserves respect and protection. The public insurance claims adjusters at On Target Claims are ready to work with your insurance company to get you expedient and equitable compensation from your insurance company.

We document damage, file claims, and negotiate a fair settlement to help our clients move on from yacht and marine-related damage in Parkland, FL and surrounding areas.