IN Manalapan, FLORIDA

Do you have questions about the insurance claims process? On Target Claims could not only provide you with the answers, but also guide you step-by-step through the insurance claims process.

Carrying homeowner’s insurance is supposed to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is protected should disaster strike. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always hold up their end of the bargain during the claims process. 

On Target Claims is here to deal with the hassle of negotiating with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to. We are ready to help you navigate this process and get the compensation you deserve for your residential claim.

Business owners in Manalapan frequently face unexpected losses. Whether it is physical damage to the premises or destroyed merchandise do to a water leak, these outcomes can devastate a small business. 

Insurance coverage is there to help you pick up the pieces, but only if your carrier deals with you fairly. Our team of public claim adjusters could work tirelessly to make certain you get the compensation you deserve under the terms of your policy.

There are few things more traumatic than losing your home or business in a fire. Even relatively minor incidents can result in fire and smoke damage that are costly to address. These losses are even more difficult to manage when the insurance company works against you. 

On Target Claims can collect evidence from your fire loss, including photographs and videos. We can build a case for compensation based on the extent of your damages and negotiate with the insurance company to help you get the outcome you deserve.

Manalapan residents are not immune to severe weather, high wind, and the other effects that come with hurricanes. When this extreme weather results in property damage, insurance is supposed to be there to help you pick up the pieces. Our team of public claims adjusters could help you maximize your financial recovery and push the insurance company to treat you fairly. 

Having ally during the insurance claims process is important. We don’t work for the insurance companies—we work for you. Our team is not afraid to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your claim.

There can be serious consequences with flooding, mold, and water damage inside your home or place of business. In addition to the increased of injury, flooding and mold can also result in severe health consequences. It is vital to remediate this damage and make your home livable again as soon as possible. On Target Claims can help with that. 

We can help you investigate you claim and provide the insurance company with everything they need to make the right decision. We can even negotiate with them on your behalf to push for fair compensation.

Owning a boat is a dream come true for most people, but maritime insurance claims are much less satisfying. There are challenges with establishing what your boat claim is worth, especially when you handle it on your own. 

If you have a claim related to a yacht or boat, you deserve an advocate that will always ben on your side. Reach out to On Target Claims today to discuss your options.