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On Target Claims public claims adjusters are available for residents of Coral Springs and surrounding areas. We work on behalf of you, not your insurance company. Our professional team documents your loss or damage, completes claim documentation, and negotiates to get you the full covered claims payout you’re entitled to.


Get Expert Help in Maximizing Your Insurance Recovery


Homeowners’ insurance is supposed to make you feel better protected, and it usually does. But when damage or loss occurs, the disruption to your life is still painfully felt. Whether it’s water damage from a malfunctioning appliance, a destroyed garage door or something even more serious, getting things back in order is a top priority.

Don’t hassle with your insurance company over residential claims. Leave the claims red tape and insurance negotiations up to a public adjuster. We’ll get your covered claim settled fast.

Business damages and losses often happen unexpectedly.  But the ramifications of that damage can be long-lasting, impacting your cash flow and your reputation with customers. It’s imperative that you get your covered insurance claim settled as quickly as possible, so that you can get business back to normal ASAP. Contact On Target Claims for your commercial claims.

No matter how large or small, your claim will be our top main priority, helping to ensure you get what you are contractually entitled to.

Fire and smoke damage can affect businesses and commercial interests of all sizes. Whether you have fire damage from a kitchen fire, a garage fire or something else, you need a trusted professional who will stand up for your interests to your insurance company.

On Target Claims will document your fire damage, fill out claims paperwork, negotiate the largest possible covered claims payout and follow up with your insurance company to get you paid fast. Contact us today for help.

In Coral Springs, hurricanes and high winds are a fact of life. If you live in this beautiful area, sooner or later you or a friend will be impacted. Thankfully, you can rely on On Target Claims to get your covered insurance claim taken care of the right way. That means no feet dragging, no long periods of time without hearing a word from your insurance company and no-nonsense. 

Our public adjusters won’t put up with unfair treatment from your insurance company.

Water and mold claims are nothing to be trifled with. Water damage and mold issues are serious business and they require serious treatment from your insurance company. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. When you have water and/or mold claims in Coral Springs, contact us to get a public adjuster on your side. We represent the interests of the policyholder, not the insurance company.

We’ll work quickly to get you the compensation you’re entitled to so you can make repairs in a timely manner.

Your investment in your water vessel means a lot to you and your family. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring yacht, a sporty Sunbird sailboat or something else, you deserve to have covered insurance claims taken seriously.

Your public adjuster at On Target claims is your ally for proving vessel or marine-related damage or loss, filing claims paperwork and getting you paid the maximum possible amount as quickly as possible. Don’t get the runaround from your insurance company. Contact us today.


Yes, most homeowners will do better hiring a public adjuster for a home insurance claim than trying to go it alone here or hiring an attorney. The insurance company already has someone in their corner working for their best interests, and you deserve the same advantage.


Many people don’t realize that the adjuster their insurance company sends out isn’t looking out for them. That’s understandable. Adjusters are well-versed in making it seem like they’re there to help. However, their true goal is to minimize the impact of any claim on the insurer. If that means a low-end estimate, that’s fine. Some will even do their best to have your claim denied, even if it shouldn’t be.


On the other hand, a public adjuster works for the policyholder. Hiring a public adjuster to help with a home insurance claim puts an expert in your corner, who will go to bat for you. Their goal is to support your claim and help you get a fair settlement offer from the insurance company, and they have no interest in the insurance company’s bottom line.


A public adjuster can come out before, concurrent with, or after the insurance adjuster. They will discuss the situation with you to get the details about the disaster, and then begin the assessment. Licensed public adjusters have deep experience in both insurance and construction and can accurately assess your home’s situation, spot potentially hidden problems, and help you build a compelling case. 


In addition to creating an accurate assessment, your public adjuster can also help you negotiate with the insurance company, something that many homeowners have neither the time nor expertise to do. If you need someone in your corner with your home insurance claim, get in touch with the professionals at On Target Claims.

When disaster strikes at your home, your first call should be to your insurer after you’ve assured yourself that your family and neighbors are safe. The insurance company will take your information and send out a claims adjuster to assess the situation. It’s important that you speak with the claims adjuster properly, or you could imperil your settlement. So, how do you talk to insurance claims adjusters?

First, be polite but direct. Understand that they work for the insurance company, not you. Tell them exactly what happened as far as you know, provide them with your insurance details, and provide any sort of supporting documentation you might have, which may include pictures or documents. 

The less you say to your adjuster, the better. Even innocent remarks might be used to help reduce the amount of your settlement or, worse, deny your claim. Make sure you never admit fault or even partial liability, and don’t offer theories of how the damage happened. You mustn’t downplay the damage to your home. If you intend to provide repair and replacement costs, those must be substantiated with accurate estimates/replacement costs, rather than what you think those costs should be.

Finally, if the adjuster makes an initial settlement offer, don’t accept it. The adjuster should go back to the insurance company and then make a more accurate estimate. However, you may not want to accept that offer, either. Instead, consider hiring a public insurance claims adjuster who can inspect your home and assess the damage on your behalf. A public claims adjuster works for you, not the insurer, meaning that the estimate will be impartial, rather than designed to protect the insurer’s profits. 

If your home has been damaged in a disaster, get in touch with us at On Target Claims. We’ll help ensure that you’re not at the mercy of the insurance adjuster and that your settlement offer is fair.

Has your home been damaged by a natural disaster? It could be wind, fire, lightning, hail, or something else entirely. Whatever the case, your priority is to see to the safety of your family and then get in touch with your insurance company. In turn, they’ll take a few pieces of information and then send out an insurance adjuster. You must say the right things (and avoid saying other things) when they arrive.

What shouldn’t you say to the home insurance adjuster? Here’s a quick rundown of no-nos. 


  1. Don’t admit fault.
  2. Don’t admit liability.
  3. Don’t dismiss the amount of damage to your home.
  4. Don’t downplay your potential damages or the cost of repairs.
  5. Don’t give the adjuster your opinion of repair costs.
  6. Don’t offer conjecture about the cause of the damage, its extent, or anything similar.


So, what should you do? The best advice is to say as little as possible. Answer their questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Provide them with a copy of your insurance information, and any supporting documentation or evidence concerning the claim, such as photographs. Most of all, remember that the adjuster works for the insurance company and their goal is not to give you a fair payout. Instead, it’s to limit the insurer’s financial risk or even get your claim denied.

What should you do? Hiring an experienced public insurance claims adjuster is a great first step. This puts an expert in your corner who can accurately assess the extent of the damage, and the repair costs, and even help you negotiate with the insurer. At On Target Claims, we work with homeowners in Florida who’ve experienced a natural disaster to hold their insurers accountable and ensure they receive the settlements they’re due. We can do the same for you.

Upon submitting an insurance claim, it is mandatory for the insurance provider to provide a response within a specific timeframe, as mandated by the law. The legal requirement dictates that these companies must furnish a response within 90 days from the date of claim submission.

Nevertheless, instances may arise where the resolution of claims, particularly those that have been initially rejected, might extend beyond this stipulated period.