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Hurricanes and severe wind can wreak havoc in and around Parkland, FL. If you have suffered a loss due to these severe storms, your homeowner’s insurance policy is supposed to provide you with coverage. After all, you have paid your premiums for years and held up your end of the bargain. The right thing for your insurance company to do is pay what you are owed. 

Unfortunately, dealing with the insurance company is rarely that simple. These companies are built on earning a profit as opposed to helping people. When the bottom line is their top priority, this can lead to rejected claims or undervalued damage assessments. 

The good news is that you do not have to accept a denial or an unreasonable settlement offer. You have the right to determine what your claim is worth and negotiate with your insurance company. That is where a public insurance adjuster comes in. 

A public insurance adjuster doesn’t work for the insurance company—they work for you. A Parkland public hurricane & wind claims adjuster could help you navigate the claims process step by step. Their work starts with evaluating your claim and determining what it is worth.  

At On Target Claims, our public insurance adjusters know how to get the most possible compensation after a hurricane or wind loss. We can evaluate the damage to your property first-hand before reviewing the terms of your policy. With our help, you could file your claim and move the process forward without worry or. 

Our public insurance adjusters can do more than evaluate the extent of your damage or review your policy. We are also ready to serve as your advocate by negotiating directly with the insurance company on your behalf. Don’t risk handling your own claim. Reach out to our public hurricane & wind damage claims adjusters today for a free evaluation.

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  • How Do I File a Hurricane or Wind Claim in Parkland?

    To file a claim on your insurance, you will need to contact your insurance carrier or coverage provider. Each insurance company will have its own method for formally filing a claim, but it can typically be done online.

  • How Long Will it Take to Get Paid From My Insurance Company in Parkland?

    State law prevents insurance companies from dragging their feet on hurricane and wind claims. According to the law, your insurer must give you an answer within 90 days of filing your claim.

  • How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid in Parkland?

    Public hurricane & wind insurance adjusters can earn their fee in different ways. Some only work at an hourly rate, while others require a lump sum payment. The most common approach is for public adjusters to work on a contingency fee agreement.

  • Will My Insurance Go Up if I Make a Hurricane & Wind Claim in Parkland?

    You can expect the cost of your monthly premiums to go up after you file a hurricane & wind claim in Parkland. The amount of the increase depends on your previous claim history, but your premiums could go up by as much as 20 percent.