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Hurricanes and severe wind are a part of life in Fort Lauderdale. While they are one of the tradeoffs that comes with living in this beautiful area, there is no question that the damage these storms can cause can be catastrophic. 

While this damage can be significant, your insurance policy is in place to help you recover. Unfortunately, getting the benefits you deserve from your insurance company might be more difficult than it appears. Insurance companies are known for rejecting viable claims or offering far less than what your case is worth. 

Insurance companies know that rejecting these claims is an important part of their profitability. In fact, they are more likely to reject your claim if you are handling it on your own. They know that they can often get away with acting in bad faith when they are dealing directly with the policy holder. 

A public insurance adjuster could help you even the odds when it comes to dealing with an insurance company. Any time you file a claim with your insurance company, they will send an adjuster to evaluate your loss. The goal of the adjuster is to minimize what you are paid, not ensure you are treated fairly. 

The opposite is true when it comes to public claims adjusters. An adjuster from On Target Claims will evaluate your loss based on what is true, not on what is best for the insurance company. By having your own adjuster, you can push back if your insurance company denies your claim in bad faith. 

The damage that comes from dangerous winds or hurricanes can impact your property in many ways. Wind damage is only part of it, as you could experience substantial structural damage from water or flooding as well. Our team of Fort Lauderdale hurricane & wind claims adjusters are ready to help you maximize your recovery based on the total extent of your damages. 

You never have to deal with the insurance companies on your own following a hurricane. Reach out to On Target Claims right away to learn how we could help.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a hurricane & wind claim in Fort Lauderdale?

    Typically, the cost of hiring a public adjuster will vary based on the value of your claim. Your adjuster will retain at most 20 percent of your recovery as their fee. If a disaster has been declared, it will be no more than 10 percent.

  • How much will my insurance go up if I make a hurricane & wind claim in Fort Lauderdale?

    You can generally expect increases in your Fort Lauderdale insurance rates whether you file a claim or not. However, your premiums could increase by double digits if you file a hurricane or wind claim.

  • How long will it take to get paid from my insurance company in Fort Lauderdale?

    State law requires insurance companies to either accept or reject a claim within 90 days. If they reject your claim, it can take longer to eventually resolve your case.

  • How do public adjusters get paid in Fort Lauderdale?

    Public adjusters can be paid via flat fee or hourly. However, most public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale work on a contingency fee basis.