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When you live in or near Delray Beach, Florida, the possibility of experiencing a hurricane, tornado, or another high-wind weather scenario is ever-present. Living through a hurricane can quickly leave you dealing with financial loss, property damage, erratic emotions, and uncertainty about the future. And to top it all off, the majority of major insurance companies do everything they can to minimize the value of every claim filed.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced public adjuster for hurricane and wind claims in Delray Beach, FL, in your corner. And you do: On Target Claims. Contact us now to schedule your free claim review, and allow us to ensure that you receive every single penny of compensation you’re entitled to; not a watered-down, wind-blown number.

Hurricane Insurance Claims Adjusters in Delray Beach

If you have incurred damage from a hurricane at your home or business in Delray Beach, it’s important to act quickly and contact an experienced public adjuster. Not doing so will greatly increase your chance of not receiving the total amount of compensation that you’re entitled to by law and according to your specific insurance policy.

The public claims adjusters at On Target Claims have secured millions of dollars of settlement money for residents and business owners throughout the Delray Beach area. We work with people just like you, every day, to help them secure the largest settlements possible from their insurance companies to cover their various types of loss.

Insurance Claims Adjusters Who Work for You

After a hurricane or other high-wind event, if you call your insurance company to file a claim, they’ll send out an adjuster to assess the damage and determine a ‘fair’ amount to compensate you for repairs and replacement. Unfortunately, that claims adjuster works for your insurance company, not directly for you. And you can expect that to show via a low settlement offer, or even an outright denial of your claim.

The thorough professionals at On Target Claims work for YOU, not your insurance company. We specialize in combing through every small detail of your claim to ensure that your best interests are effectively represented. Contact our helpful team today, and allow us to answer your questions, offer expert guidance, and help you come out on top of an unfortunate situation.

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  • Is damage from high wind covered by homeowner’s insurance in Delray Beach, FL?

    Most basic homeowners insurance coverage includes damage from wind during unnamed storms. However, if the storm is named, you will likely have a higher deductible.

  • Does homeowners insurance cover roof damage by wind?

    In most cases, yes, it does. However, again, if the wind is from an unnamed storm, your standard deductible will likely apply, whereas if the storm is named, your deductible may be increased.

  • How long do I have to file a wind damage insurance claim in Florida?

    While you should always file a wind damage insurance claim as quickly as possible so that the evidence doesn’t disappear, the state of Florida allows you up to three years from the date of the windy event to file a claim.

  • What’s the best way to file a wind damage insurance claim in Delray Beach?

    You can always call your insurer directly on the telephone, or, if you prefer, check and see if there’s an online claim form.