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Thankfully, most of us don’t have to deal with the devastating effects of fire very often. When fire strikes, everything can turn upside down quickly. Your assets can be devalued or completely destroyed. Your emotions can run wild. Your thoughts might get blurry, and you might not be sure of what to do. Do you call the insurance company first? Do you call a fire remediation company? And what are you going to do with all of the soot and smoke covering everything?


The experienced and intelligent fire insurance public adjusters at On Target Claims are here to help you. During this time of chaos, we’re available 24 hours, every day, standing by and ready to assist. Let us help you overcome this devastation. If fire has caused suffering in your life, and you need to deal with your insurance company for reimbursement, think of our helpful specialists first. We’ll make sure you get fairly compensated for all of your losses.


Fire Insurance Claim Adjusters in Your Corner

Insurance companies don’t stay in business and maximize their profits by automatically handing out huge settlements on every claim. Instead, they hire shrewd adjusters to look for legal loopholes that allow them to justify smaller payouts. The smaller the better. You can be sure that your needs, wants, feelings, and finances are not the first things on their list. And if they can find a way to do it, they’ll deny your fire damage claim altogether. So, can you see the many benefits associated with having your own claims adjuster reviewing the case?

Accurately diagnosing damage caused by fire is a complex skill set. A fire claims adjuster has to consider various forms of fire damage, including the direct destruction that flames cause, the lingering effects of soot and smoke, and the effects of thousands of gallons of fire retardant and water used by the fire department when extinguishing the flames. Insurance company claims adjusters have a lot of knowledge, and you have to be equally knowledgeable in order to effectively negotiate with them.


Enjoy Working with On Target Claims

The majority of business and home owners do not have the technical expertise required to effectively negotiate fire damage insurance claims settlements. It can be tough to know if the insurance company is offering you a fair settlement or not. Don’t leave yourself at their mercy. Contact us today and benefit from our multiple decades of experience.


Public claims adjusters are typically paid on a contingency fee basis. Although some adjusters are paid hourly or on a flat fee, the most common approach is to retain a portion of your settlement as their fee.

It is possible for your premiums to go up after a fire damage claim. The amount of this increase could be as much as 20 percent, but it varies depending on a number of factors.

When you file an insurance claim, the carrier has a limited amount of time to respond. The law requires these companies to give you an answer within 90 days of filing the claim. However, claims can take longer to resolve when they are initially denied.

A public insurance adjuster can handle any aspect of your fire loss claim. They use the same tools as adjusters from the insurance company to determine the extent of your damage. The important difference is that they work for you, not the insurance company.

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  • How much does it cost to have a Lauderdale by the Sea public adjuster review my fire insurance claim?

    In Florida, the typical fee for a fire insurance claim review is 20%. In cases of emergency, the fee is reduced to 10%.

  • How long will it take to get my settlement from my insurance company?

    The typical claim takes about 90 days to settle, but can require more time if the evidence is not clear.

  • Will my insurance premiums increase if I file a fire damage claim?

    In most cases, yes, especially if you have filed other claims in the past.

  • Who can I talk to today about my fire insurance claim in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida?

    Contact the friendly professionals at On Target Claims. You can call us anytime at 954-329-0687.