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Fortunately, most of us don’t have to deal with the devastating effects of fire very often, if ever. But when fire does strike, it can quickly turn things upside down, destroy your assets, and wreak havoc on your emotions. It’s easy to develop clouded thoughts, in a blur, unsure of what to do. Should you call your insurance company? Should you call a fire restoration company? What are you going to do about all of the smoke damage everywhere?

The professional fire insurance public adjusters at On Target Claims are available to assist you in your time of trouble – 24/7/365. We are always available and standing by, ready to help you deal with the devastation that only fire can cause. So, when fire touches your life, and it’s time to deal with your insurer, think of our helpful professionals first.

Fire Insurance Claim Adjusters in Your Corner

Your insurance company pays claims adjusters to keep their payouts low. These shrewd individuals, kind and good as they may be, do not have your best intentions at the forefront of their thoughts. Instead, they’re looking for the tiniest loopholes that will enable them to minimize the settlement they offer, or deny your claim altogether. So, knowing that, can you see the many advantages of having your own claims adjuster working for you?

Accurately assessing fire damage is a complex art. The adjuster has to consider not only the damage caused by flames, but also from smoke, soot, and thousands of gallons of water and chemicals used to extinguish the fire. You have to be able to spot and identify the visible and invisible damage that fire causes, and then be knowledgeable enough to effectively negotiate with your insurer’s adjusters to achieve the optimal possible settlement.

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The truth is that most home and business owners lack the technical expertise necessary to negotiate an optimal settlement, especially when the claim is due to fire damage. It can be difficult to know if the insurance company is offering a fair settlement. And what will you do if your claim is denied completely?

Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of insurance company fire claim adjusters. Instead, align yourself with the team of experts here at On Target Claims. We have decades of experience dealing with claims adjusters from all major and minor insurers, and we’re available whenever you need us anywhere in or near Delray Beach. Contact us now to schedule your free claims review and learn more about our high-value services.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a Delray Beach public adjuster to review my fire insurance claim?

    The average fee to have your fire insurance claim reviewed and represented in Florida is 20%. However, if the fire results from an official state of emergency, that fee is cut in half.

  • How long will it take to receive my settlement from my Delray Beach insurance company?

    Fire insurance claims in the Delray Beach area of Florida are often settled within 90 days, but can take considerably longer depending on the clarity of evidence.

  • Will my insurance premiums raise if I file a fire insurance claim?

    Depending on your claim filing history, your premiums may increase if you file a claim. Let our experts evaluate your case before you file it to determine its plausibility.

  • Who can I talk to right now about my fire insurance claim in Delray Beach, Florida?

    That’s an easy question to answer! Just contact On Target Claims! You can ALWAYS call us at 954-329-0687.