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Most business owners have a lot on their plate. It is not enough to focus on the day-to-day tasks that make up the core of your business. You also need to be prepared for a wide variety of threats that might seem unlikely to actually impact you. Most businesses are able to operate without ever dealing with the stress and worry that comes with a fire or flood loss. When this kind of catastrophic loss happens, it is vital to have someone in your corner that knows how to help. 

A public commercial claims adjuster could be the ally you need following a catastrophic event at your place of business. Unlike the adjusters that work for the insurance companies, a public claims adjuster works for you. Your public claims adjuster can assist you with every aspect of a commercial claim in Coral Springs. This starts with carefully reviewing your loss to determine the extent of your damage. Understanding what your claim is worth is the first step in getting a fair outcome from the insurance company. 

A public claims adjuster could also help you deal directly with the insurance company. While the adjusters hired by the insurance company will never have your best interest at heart, a private adjuster is focused on what is best for you. This kind of support is important, as there is no guarantee that your insurance company will treat you fairly. Insurers have a duty to handle your claim with good faith, but the reality is that will not always happen. 

The team at On Target Claims is ready to help you hold the insurance company accountable and get the best possible outcome in your case. Our experienced public commercial claims adjusters have handled a wide range of claims. If you are ready to learn more about how we could help, call for a free evaluation today.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a commercial claim in coral springs?

    Public commercial insurance adjusters are typically paid on a contingency fee basis. This means they keep a portion of your settlement if your claim is successful.

  • What is the benefit to hiring a public adjuster for my commercial claim in coral springs?

    There are many benefits that come with hiring a public adjuster. You can count on your adjuster to help you with every aspect of your claim, from evaluating your loss to negotiating a settlement.

  • What does a commercial public insurance adjuster do?

    A public insurance adjuster has the same skillset as adjusters working for the insurance company. They can review your loss to determine what your claim might be worth. They can also help you resolve your claim by dealing directly with the insurer.

  • How does hiring a commercial public insurance adjuster benefit my business?

    Hiring a public commercial insurance adjuster could help you resolve your claim faster and for more money. Along the way, they can ensure that you are treated fairly.

  • How do public adjusters get paid in coral springs?

    In Coral Springs, a Public Adjuster compensates for their services by charging a percentage of the settlement you receive. They do not receive payment until you do. The maximum percentage that can be charged in Coral Springs is 20%.

  • What types of commercial insurance claims do you handle?

    On Target Claims is ready to assist with a variety of commercial claims. This includes damage from fire, flooding, or severe weather. We could also assist with recovering compensation for business interruption in addition to the damage to your property.