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As a Lauderdale by the Sea proprietor, you’re responsible for maintaining the safety and security of your commercial structures. And, unfortunately, commercial insurance companies often promise flawless protection, but then make lowball settlement offers when claims are filed. It’s possible that if you file a commercial insurance claim, the settlement offer you receive will be insufficient to even cover necessary repairs, let alone any secondary losses you incurred. And sometimes, claims are denied altogether, meaning the business owner receives no compensation even though insured.

It can be confusing and disheartening. And that’s why it’s important to think of On Target Claims first whenever you have a residential or commercial insurance claim to file. We’re a disabled veteran-owned public claims adjusting company, and we’ll fight for you to ensure that you receive the fair reimbursement that you deserve according to the specifics of your insurance policy and the state of Florida’s laws. And we’re here to serve you 24/7/365.

Let Us Help to Ensure the Highest Settlement for Your Commercial Insurance Claim

We’re always proud to help our friends and neighbors in Lauderdale by the Sea and surrounding communities to get the largest commercial insurance claims settlements possible. It’s not fair that you have to go without, financially or otherwise, while your commercial insurance company grows richer and richer by paying out subpar settlements. If you’re in this unfortunate situation, we can help. Our team has extensive experience dealing with all of the major insurance companies, and we do it every day. We understand what is fair, and what’s unfair, and we’ll fight for you.

You should know that successful insurance companies staff shrewd claims adjusters who are not necessarily thinking about what’s best for you and your business first. That’s because their job is to save the insurance company as much money as they can by finding loopholes that allow them to minimize settlement payouts. And that’s why you need the assistance of a professional claims adjuster in your corner when dealing with a commercial claim.

Always-Available Commercial Insurance Claim Assistance in Lauderdale by the Sea

There’s no doubt that you have a lot of roles to fulfill as a Florida business owner, And you don’t have the extra energy or time to nitpick with tightwad insurance claims adjusters to ensure that you receive a fair settlement. You’ve always paid your insurance premiums on time, and now you just expect some hassle-free service in this time of need. This situation is not your fault, and your insurance company is responsible to reimburse you for all types of losses covered on your policy. We’re here to assist you whenever you need us. Contact us today, and we’ll jump into battle for you!

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  • How can a public commercial insurance claim adjuster help me?

    Our public insurance claim adjusters level the playing field when you’re negotiating with insurance company adjusters.

  • How can a public adjuster in Lauderdale by the Sea assist me with my commercial insurance claim?

    We’ll help you every step of the way – from filing to reviewing the settlement offer to negotiating the largest settlement.

  • Will working with a public adjuster accelerate my commercial insurance claim settlement?

    That’s almost always the case. You’ll find our extensive knowledge and experience to be invaluable.

  • How can I consult with a public adjuster in Lauderdale by the Sea right now?

    It’s simple! Pick up the phone and call the friendly team at On Target Claims at 954-329-0687.