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As a Delray Beach, Florida business owner, you face various threats, every day, that could cause damage to your commercial structures. And all too often, commercial insurance policies promise ultimate protection, but then fall short with insufficient coverage when you actually file a claim. And even if the coverage limits are sufficient, you’ll likely receive a low-ball settlement offer that may not cover your financial or other losses. And then, there’s always the possibility of your claim being totally denied, offering no compensation whatsoever.

That’s when you need to remember On Target Claims, a disabled veteran-owned public claims adjuster company serving Delray Beach and surrounds. If you’re a Florida business owner and your commercial insurance company has denied your claim, or is offering only enough compensation to cover a portion of your losses, know that we’re here to assist.

Let Us Help to Ensure a Maximal Settlement for Your Commercial Insurance Claim

We are this area’s leading commercial public insurance claims adjusters, and you can be sure that we will fight diligently to get you the maximum settlement possible. There’s no intelligent reason for you to suffer, financially or otherwise, while your insurance company gets richer by limiting your settlement. We can help. We have extensive experience dealing with all major insurers on a daily basis, and we understand what’s fair, and what’s not.

You can be sure that profitable insurance companies staff the most experienced claims adjusters, and those adjusters are not necessarily concerned with your best interests. Their goal is to save the insurance company money by finding intricate loopholes that can exclude you from receiving a fair settlement. And that’s why, as a Delray beach business owner, you also need to have the experience of a professional claims adjuster to maximize your settlement.

Always-Available Commercial Insurance Claim Assistance in Delray Beach

We understand that as a busy Florida entrepreneur, you have enough on your plate to worry about without having to go to battle with penny-pinching insurance claims adjusters. You paid your premiums on time, and now you expect your insurer to take care of you during your time of need, which is no fault of yours. We’re here to help you 24/7/365. Contact us today, and we’ll begin fighting for your rights so that you can get your business running better than ever!

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  • How can a professional commercial insurance claim adjuster benefit me?

    Insurance companies employ intelligent claims adjusters who are experts at finding loopholes. You should have that type of expertise in your corner as well.

  • How can a public adjuster in Delray Beach help me with my commercial insurance claim?

    Your professional claims adjuster from On Target Claims will represent you throughout the entire commercial insurance claim filing and settlement processes.

  • Will consulting with a public adjuster expedite my settlement in a commercial insurance claim case?

    In almost every case, yes. These cases can be quite complex, and the expertise of a professional is invaluable.

  • How can I consult with a public adjuster in Delray Beach right now?

    It couldn’t be easier! Call the friendly professionals at On Target Claims now at (954) 329-0687 for expert assistance on your commercial insurance claim.

  • What is the difference between a commercial claims public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster in Delray Beach?

    We work exclusively on behalf of policyholders, advocating for their interests in the insurance claims process. Here are some key differences:

    • Representation: A public adjuster represents you, the policyholder, while an insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company. Public adjusters prioritize your interests and strive to maximize your claim settlement.
    • Expertise: Commercial public adjusters like On Target Claims specialize in assessing and documenting commercial property damage, ensuring that all losses are properly accounted for. Insurance company adjusters are typically responsible for handling multiple claims and may not have the same level of expertise.
    • Negotiation: Public adjusters negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to secure the best possible settlement. Insurance company adjusters are focused on minimizing payouts for their employer.
    • Objective Assessment: Public adjusters provide an unbiased assessment of your losses, ensuring that all damages are accurately valued. Insurance company adjusters may have a vested interest in minimizing the claim’s value.
    • Fees: Public adjusters are compensated based on a percentage of the final settlement, incentivizing them to maximize your claim. Insurance company adjusters are salaried employees of the insurer.

    Hiring a commercial claims public adjuster in Delray Beach can often lead to a more favorable outcome when dealing with insurance claims, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

  • What should I do if my insurance claim is denied or underpaid for commercial losses in Delray Beach?

    If your commercial insurance claim has been denied or underpaid in Delray Beach, it’s essential to take the following steps:

    • Contact an Advocate: Reach out to a reputable commercial public adjuster like On Target Claims for a free consultation. They can review your claim and assess its potential for a more favorable outcome.
    • Review Your Policy: Carefully review your insurance policy to understand your coverage and rights. Ensure you have a clear understanding of what should be covered.
    • Document Everything: Gather all documentation related to your claim, including photographs, receipts, estimates, and correspondence with the insurance company. Organize this information to support your case.
    • Appeal the Decision: If your claim was denied, file an appeal with the insurance company. Having a public adjuster like On Target Claims on your side can help strengthen your appeal.
    • Negotiate: Public adjusters are skilled negotiators and can engage in negotiations with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement. They work to ensure that all your losses are properly accounted for.
    • Consider Legal Options: If necessary, explore legal options, such as hiring an attorney with experience in insurance claims disputes, to protect your rights and interests.

    It’s crucial to act promptly and seek professional assistance to ensure a fair resolution for your commercial insurance claim in Delray Beach. On Target Claims can provide the expertise and guidance needed to navigate this process effectively.