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As a business owner, you can expect to face a wide range of threats over the course of your career. From natural disasters to unexpected fires, the damage from these events can cause your business to quickly grind to a halt. 

Your insurance policy is supposed to provide you with support when unexpected events threaten your business. However, getting the benefits you deserve is not always so simple. 

The insurance companies don’t get rich by honoring every claim that is filed. In fact, they train their adjusters to limit the amount of coverage they are required to pay in any given case. This can leave you holding the bag in situations where your insurance should cover your losses. 

The good news is that you do not have to sit back while the insurance company acts in bad faith. You can hire a public claims adjuster to help you get the most out of your insurance claim. 

A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. They investigate the facts surrounding your loss and help you identify exactly what your claim is worth. An adjuster can also deal directly with the insurance company to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process. 

On Target Claims is proud to work for business owners in and around Fort Lauderdale. Our team of public adjusters understands how to get the most out of a commercial claim. 

Often, the refusal by your insurance company to honor your claim is based on conflicting language in your policy. If it is unclear whether a specific loss should be covered or not, you can count on your carrier to deny the claim. Our adjusters could help you parse your policy and hold the insurance company accountable. 

Disputes can also arise on whether or not a claim is “commercial” at all. This can occur when a business suffers losses related to a publicly-open space or facility. Our team is ready to assist with any claims that are related to your business—end of story. 

The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to undertake the claims process on your own. Your business deserves a public claims adjuster that will advocate for a fair outcome to your insurance claim. If you are ready to get started, reach out to On Target Claims about your commercial claim as soon as possible.

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  • How much does it cost to hire a public adjuster for a commercial claim in Fort Lauderdale?

    Most of the time, public adjusters operate on a contingency fee agreement when they handle commercial insurance claims. In other words, they keep a portion of what they help recover.

  • What is the benefit to hiring a public adjuster for my commercial claim in Fort Lauderdale?

    You can count on your insurance company sending an adjuster any time you make a claim in Fort Lauderdale. While this adjuster works for the insurer, a public adjuster works for you.

  • How do public adjusters get paid in Fort Lauderdale?

    An adjuster is generally paid by retaining a portion of anything you recover from your commercial claim. Florida state law prevents this percentage from exceeding 20 percent.

  • What does a commercial public insurance adjuster do?

    A commercial public insurance adjuster is a professional who helps businesses to navigate the insurance claims process. They work on behalf of the policyholder (the business owner) to assess the damage or loss, prepare and file the insurance claim, and negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement. A commercial public insurance adjuster can provide valuable expertise and advocacy during what can be a complex and stressful process.

  • How does hiring a commercial public insurance adjuster benefit my business?

    Hiring a commercial public insurance adjuster can benefit your business in several ways. First, they can help you to receive a faster resolution to your claim, which can be critical when your business is facing downtime or lost revenue. Second, they can help to ensure that your claim is assessed accurately, which can increase the likelihood of a fair settlement offer. Third, they can handle the negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf, which can be particularly helpful if you’re not familiar with the claims process or the insurance industry.

  • What types of commercial insurance claims do you handle?

    We handle a wide range of commercial insurance claims, including but not limited to property damage, business interruption, liability, water damage, and fire damage claims. Our team of experienced commercial public insurance adjusters can provide the expertise and advocacy needed to navigate even the most complex claims.

  • How do I get started with hiring a commercial public insurance adjuster?

    Getting started with hiring a commercial public insurance adjuster is easy. Simply contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced adjusters. During the consultation, we’ll assess the damage or loss, provide guidance on the claims process, and answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll work with you every step of the way to prepare and file your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and help you to receive a fair settlement.