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On Target Claims public adjusters work on behalf of policyholders, not insurance companies, to ensure that claims are handled fairly, and that policyholders receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. We can help with a wide range of issues, including property damage, liability claims, and business interruption claims. Hiring a public claims adjuster enables policyholders in Lauderdale by the Beach, FL to recover more quickly and fully from damage or loss.

When you have an insurance claim on your residence, you want it to be handled with the respect and expediency it deserves. But insurance companies aren’t typically concerned with your comfort and security; whatever damages or losses you’ve incurred simply means money out of their pocket.

At On Target Claims, your residential insurance claim is our top priority. We make it our mission to get you the most that you deserve from your covered losses and damage.

We work with business owners to help navigate the process of filing and settling commercial insurance claims. We assist with the documentation and evidence gathering necessary to support a claim, and work to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that business owners receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with the claims process or are simply encountering pushback from your commercial insurance company, you need to hire a public claims adjuster at On Target Claims.

Fire and smoke damage can arise from small and large fire events. Maybe a kitchen fire caused smoke damage in your kitchen, or a saturated oil rag in the garage caught fire and damaged your car or workshop. Whatever the cause, you need attention and immediate help regarding your fire damage claim. For this, you need a public claims adjuster.

We work for you, not for your insurance company, and we’ll get you the highest payout possible for your covered losses.

If you have hurricane or high wind-related claims in Lauderdale by the Sea, you need to get repairs taken care of as quickly as possible. You need your insurance company to pay out swiftly, and in full. Unfortunately, it can be hard to work with some insurance companies.

For a trusted professional who works on behalf of your interests, hire a public claims adjuster. We’ll document the damage, file the claim and get you the claims payout you deserve.

Imagine having water and mold damage in your home and your insurance company takes their time with your claim. Meanwhile, you have to live with the damage, jeopardizing your family’s health due to mold exposure.

That’s just what happens to people all over the U.S. But when you hire a public insurance claims adjuster, you have a professional on your side, working hard to make sure your claim is processed quickly and that you get a claims check for the accurate amount.

Whether your marine vessel is docked in your backyard, your driveway or a community boatyard, you are entitled to adequate compensation when damage or losses occur. At On Target Claims, our public claims adjusters make sure that boat owners and marine or dock owner are fairly compensated for their covered insurance claims.

Contact us for help documenting damage and losses, filing insurance claim paperwork and getting a timely payout in an amount that represents what you are contractually entitled to.

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Protecting your home is crucial which is why having homeowners insurance is essential. However it’s important to understand that not all natural disasters may be covered by your policy depending on where you live. It’s vital to make a decision when purchasing home insurance and holding the insurer accountable in the event of a disaster.


It’s important to note that there isn’t a one size fits all answer, to this question. The specific coverage areas will be determined when you buy your policy and select from the options provided by your insurer. Nevertheless some of the common natural disasters usually covered by homeowners insurance include wind damage, hailstorms, lightning strikes, wildfires, tornadoes, snowstorms and volcanic eruptions.


However it’s worth mentioning that certain significant perils your home may face might not be covered by your policy. For example if you reside in hurricane areas of Florida state law requires you to have separate hurricane insurance because it typically isn’t included in standard policies. Similarly earthquake and flood coverage often need to be purchased as riders or policies.

Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster is a situation no homeowner wants to face. We all hope that our properties will be spared. Unfortunately many Florida homeowners discover that their homes were targeted by Mother Nature each year.


Sinkholes are typically not covered by homeowners insurance although residents in Florida do have some protection if the sinkhole causes damage and their home is considered a total loss.


To ensure you’re well prepared it’s crucial to pay attention when purchasing your homeowners policy. Ask questions about coverage details the extent of included coverage and what perils are excluded. It is important that all potential risks (such as disasters that could affect your home) are clearly listed in writing within the policy.


If you find yourself dealing with a loss at your home due to a disaster it’s important to understand that the insurance adjuster sent by your insurer works for the company and not for you. Their primary responsibility is to minimize the impact of your claim, on the insurer than protect your interests. In situations it can be beneficial to work with an experienced residential public insurance claims adjuster like On Target Claims – we hold your insurer accountable.


As a homeowner in Florida your house is exposed to potential disasters, including wildfires, flooding, wind damage, storm surge, sinkholes, hurricanes and tornadoes. It is crucial to understand the process of settling a homeowners insurance claim. Likely you have never encountered such a situation before. Allow me to explain what steps you should take and what aspects you should be mindful of.


First and foremost prioritize the safety of your family. Ensure that it is secure to remain in your home following the disaster. Taking care of your loved ones and protecting both your family members and pets should be your concern. If staying in your home poses any risks or dangers find accommodation.


Next get in touch with your insurance provider. Initiate the claim process. You will need to provide them with information such as your policy number, name, contact details, etc. so make sure you have those details readily available.


Following that step an adjuster from the insurance company will be sent to assess the extent of the damage at your property. The adjuster will conduct an inspection of your home by taking photographs recording necessary information while engaging in conversation with you, about the situation.


After the adjuster completes their work the insurance company will evaluate your claim. Decide on the amount of money to award you based on your coverage and the severity of the damage. It’s essential to keep in mind that the adjuster works for the insurer not for you. This means they prioritize the companys interests making it likely that you won’t receive the amount you deserve.

To ensure a settlement, with your claim it is advisable to hire a residential public insurance claims adjuster who can hold your insurer accountable and make sure you receive a just compensation. 


So how can you avoid that? There are steps you can take to improve the situation. First make sure to review your insurance coverage starting from the declarations page. Second consider the depreciation of belongings covered by your policy over time. It’s important to understand that the initial settlement check may not be the one you receive. For example if your bedroom set was originally purchased for $3,000 but the insurance company determines its current value is $2,000 due to depreciation they will issue a $2,000 check. However if you end up having to spend $3,000 in order to replace it with a set of furniture you can submit the receipt and the insurer will provide an additional payment.


In case you believe that your insurers settlement offer is too low it is possible to file an appeal. This process involves providing estimates, photos and other supporting documentation that demonstrate why you believe the offered amount is insufficient.


One effective approach, for ensuring a settlement payout is hiring a residential public insurance claims adjuster. At On Target Claims we specialize in holding insurers accountable and making sure they fulfill their obligations as outlined in your policy agreement while ensuring that you receive what you rightfully deserve.

Keep in mind that if you have additional inquiries or specific worries regarding your claim, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a trustworthy public adjuster in Lauderdale by the Sea. They can offer tailored assistance that takes into account your individual situation.