7 Reasons Why I Should Get a Public Adjuster 

In any insurance claim, it will always be the policyholder versus the insurance company. Some who purchase insurance errantly assume that the provider is working with their best interests in mind, but that’s not necessarily the case. It’s not even that insurers don’t care about their customers. They care most about protecting themselves. 

To do that, they must pay as little in claims as possible. Insurance is a risk-based product. They take payments (premiums) in exchange for coverage. The hope of all parties is that you never have to use that insurance. It’s one of the few things in life that you’ll be glad you spent money on and never actually “used” by having to file a claim. 

If you are faced with filing an insurance claim, you should know you’re not alone. Even if your insurance company isn’t being communicative or helpful, there’s help available in the form of a public adjuster. Public insurance adjusters are independent of insurance companies. They work for you, and you only. 

This comes with several perks, as you’d expect, including having an expert on your side to help you fight back against the insurance company. Here are seven reasons to consider using a public adjuster for your insurance claim. 

Access to Dedicated Expertise

The adjuster that the insurance company sends out may also be helpful and informative, but they are still working for the insurer first and foremost. With an independent public adjuster, you’ll have your very own expert adjuster to review the claim and determine what you are owed. 

The team at On Target Claims has dedicated experience in all types of insurance claim disputes and resolution cases, from simple disputes to the most complex. We have worked in the industry for years and know the best practices and how to ensure you get what you deserve. 

Your insurance company has experts looking for reasons to deny your claim. Shouldn’t you have your own experts to guarantee the claim gets paid?

Maximum Payouts and Settlements 

A public adjuster has the expertise to drive up the insurance company’s settlement offer until it’s fair and reasonable. They know how to negotiate and that they can negotiate, and since they have no emotional stake in the situation, they’re not afraid to ask for higher amounts. They know what claims are worth and will work to get you a fair settlement every time. 

When you try to negotiate on your own or handle a claim without professional assistance, you may find that you end up paying more than you should or not getting the full settlement you are owed. With a public adjuster, you can trust that you are getting the maximum payout for your insurance claim, regardless of the type of claim. 

Save Time and Stress 

Working with a public adjuster gives you direct access to someone who knows the laws and processes involved in insurance claims. They will handle all the paperwork, processing, and discussions with your other insurance company. This can free up your time and alleviate a lot of stress for everyone involved in the claim. 

Public insurance adjusters are seasoned experts. They do this all the time. They will be able to provide a swift, thorough estimate of where your claim stands and whether they can help you get more from it. Basically, they handle everything and you must let them do their work. 

A Personal Guide 

Your public adjuster will work as your personal guide to walk you through the claims process, no matter what type of insurance claim you’re dealing with. It’s not just about paying your claim (which is important). It’s about navigating the insurance world and the claims process.

There’s a lot of great information out there today that can help people navigate claims more effectively. However, if you’re not familiar with insurance in the first place, it may not be that easy to understand. That’s where it can help to have someone on your side to help you along the way. A public insurance adjuster is the perfect solution. 

Less Emotional Attachment 

You’re emotionally invested in your insurance claim whether you like it or not. Even the most calm and level-headed people will have some emotional attachment to their claim and whatever situation they are dealing with. This can impact how well you interact and negotiate with the insurance company and whether you hastily accept that first low offer. 

A public insurance adjuster has no emotional attachment. They will be focused only on one thing: getting the maximum settlement for your claim. They can provide an objective opinion and valuable insights so you can step back from your emotions during the claims filing process. 

New Insights and Advice 

While helping with your existing insurance claim, a public adjuster may also be able to give you helpful advice and information that you can use moving forward. The world of insurance and insurance claims is constantly changing and evolving. Working with a public insurance adjuster gives you immediate access to industry insights, updates, and the latest information about Florida insurance claims

Your public adjuster might even review your coverage as part of the claims process and identify areas where you could improve things so that you don’t have issues in the future. They might be able to tell you which aspects of your policy you can use for leverage when trying to negotiate with the insurance company. And of course, as mentioned, they can even negotiate on your behalf. 

You Don’t Pay Until Your Claim Is Settled 

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of a public adjuster is that you aren’t actually going to spend any money upfront for their services. Public adjusters work on a contingency basis, which means no payments are made until the claim is settled. And then, their fee is a percentage of the settlement, which means they’ll work much harder to get you the maximum payout. 

Typically, lawyers and others have up-front fees and costs that a lot of people don’t have while they’re in the middle of trying to settle an insurance claim. This is why the contingency fee is such a desirable option and why On Target Claims won’t collect a dime until your case is settled in a way that you feel is satisfactory. 

What If I Have a Surefire Claim?

Even if your insurance company is fully willing to pay your claim, you can’t guarantee they will pay what you deserve. A perfect claim could still be given a low settlement offer initially or disputed for several reasons. Insurance companies have one goal with claims: to pay as little as absolutely possible to resolve the situation. 

Therefore, even if you think you have a “slam dunk” claim, you can’t assume the insurance company’ll give you a worthy settlement offer. With a public adjuster, however, you can get a full independent review of your claim to determine whether you can get the anticipated outcome and how to make that happen. 

Nothing in this world is a sure thing until the work is done. At On Target Claims, we’ll work hard to get your claim settled for what you deserve and ensure that we don’t stop until everything has been handled. 

Know the Laws and Your Rights 

As mentioned earlier, your public adjuster knows Florida insurance laws and guidelines. They also understand the rights of policyholders in the claims process. Do you know those rights, though? You must learn about the laws surrounding your insurance claim to proceed accordingly. 

You should also know your rights in an insurance claim, including the right to hire a public adjuster for an independent review. This will ensure you have the best chance of getting a fair outcome in your insurance claim. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no such thing as a “sure thing,” and when navigating the complex world of insurance claims, you shouldn’t feel like you’re on your own. With a public insurance adjuster, you’ll have professional, experienced support to guide you through the claims process and ensure it works out in your favor. Plus, you’ll enjoy a quicker resolution, time savings, and rights protection. 

Working with a public adjuster also ensures you get what your claim is worth and don’t take less from the insurance company because you feel you have to settle. Fair value is important. You don’t want to invest all your time and resources only to get an offer that’s on the verge of insulting, after all. 

It’s a simple decision to make. Public insurance adjusters know the laws and work hard to protect you during any insurance claim. They can guide you, educate you, and fight on your behalf to get what you are owed. At On Target Claims, we take pride in delivering solutions for clients from all walks of life and helping resolve claims of all kinds. Contact us now to learn more. 

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